Reason why I quit from my job when i almost 40 yo. When I was telling my college that I will leave this job, they were so surprising. I knew that it was not an easy decision, but I need to choose the way of my life. Start to challenge myself to catch my own dream, or stay there with a “killer” boss that always kills me every day with his mouth. It was very stressing me. Once again it was not an easy decision but I need to make a decision to my life.

what you do in 40 years old?

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Reason Why I Quit in My 40?

Everyone, who hears my decision, will say that it was a stupid decision. Especially I almost 40 years old. How can they say it? Yes, they said with a reason, as below:

First is my company

My company where I work is one of favorite company. They compensate more compared other company to their employee. They provide annual celebration, birthday celebration, Hari Raya gift, quarterly bonus and give permanent status to their staff after 3 month joining. Permanent status is not easy to get from other company as other company always contract to their employee.

Second is My Job in 40 

Honestly, I really like my job. Analyzing, liaise with customer or and supplier. We are one of the key of costing to customer. Here, I can learn English directly; writing and listening; since we communicate using English, daily. Until now there is no any big issue with customer. Yes, we ever facing small issue but it still can be handled.

Third is salary

As one of favorite company at Muka Kuning, it was not so surprising if company compensate us more than other company.  They are good in welfare and if your performance is doing well, they will increase our salary around 9-10% every year. This is not counting if our performance is very well (A+), if our manager count us as that company will increasing our salary around 20%.

Fourth is flexible timing of work

This doesn’t mean if the employee can come to work as they want. But it means while we need to get annual leave or urgent leave, company will leave us as our need.

Fifth is the location

Its only need 10-15 minutes by driving our own motorcycle. The distance is only 7.8 km from my house. I can use “angkot” which is standing by near the Muka Kuning Gate, every time.

Fifth is Myself Which Almost 40 Years Old

My friend is worrying me that I will get difficulties to get new job and I will get difficulties in my financial, since I was almost 40.

But I need to thanks to their loving, but I need to go and believing myself if I will survive.